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According to open-source reporting, the XakNet Team threatened to target Ukrainian organizations in response to perceived DDoS or other attacks against Russia.[41] According to reporting from industry, on March 31, 2022, XakNet released a statement stating they would work “exclusively for the good of [Russia].” According to industry reporting, the XakNet Team may be working with or associated with Killnet actors, who claimed credit for the DDoS attacks against a U.S. airport (see the Killnet section). (CISA)
It is a pro-Russian hacktivist group that declares itself an enemy of the Catholic Church, the Azov Squadron and the Ukrainian government. They also actively fight against human trafficking, disinformation propaganda and child pornography.


Squad - Killnet USA
Squad - Killnet Bulgaria
Squad - Zarya (@H45H13)
Squad - Kajluk
Squad - Impulse
Squad - RAYD
Squad - Phoenix
Squad - Vera
Squad - FasoninnGung
Squad - DDOS Gung
In early June, a message in one of Legion's telegrams hinted at what seems to be new measures to put an end to internal misunderstandings between the different squads.


DDOS training Squad Leader: @CyberEducational (Telegram)
Press: @H45H13 (Telegram)
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DarkRetail Channel (Created 10 February 2021)