The server of the Kyiv Regional Prosecutor's Office was attacked

Killnet named about ten attacked websites including the O2 mobile network operator and the Komerční banka, which, nevertheless, registers no such attack. O2 registered increased traffic on its servers, but the Internet services of O2 and its customers are adequately secured, said Blanka Vokounová from the O2 press section.


We know that these are not Russian hackers but a Ukrainian origin based hacking group posing as Russian Defenders calling themselves #Killnet with a makeup of Russians speaking subjects from Ukraine, Bulgaria, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands and USA cyber hackers funded by non-Russian speaking adversaries in the west. Further we will soon publish the Identities and Passports of the group that consist of one Female and 21 others including a notorious hacker heading the group formally wanted by the FBI in which some were turned to work unofficially for state actors” (Cyberpol Response)

Bradley International Airport attack in response to U.S material support for Ukraine

The distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack was an external attempt to crash the website, a CAA spokesperson said.
The CAA, which operates Bradley Airport, said it is actively monitoring the cyber attack, but that the website remains live and there is no data breach.
The incident is isolated to just the website, and there is no impact to airport operations, according to the CAA. (NBCconnecticut)


[Russia-Ukraine war] Stands with Russia. The group published a video addressing the people of Russia encouraging them to never doubt their country. The video features a hooded figure with a distorted voice claiming to have taken down the website belonging to Anonymous. Little is known about the group and it is unclear as to whether the group existed previously. (The Record)
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