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According to the U.S. Justice Department, Yakubets/Aqua served as leader of Evil Corp. and was responsible for managing and supervising the group’s cybercrime activities in deploying and using the Jabberzeus and Dridex banking malware.
As of 2015, Yakubets maintained control of the Dridex malware and was in direct communication with Andrey Ghinkul prior to the unsealing of his indictment.
As of 2017, Yakubets supervised Evil Corp actors who were attempting to target U.S. companies.
Prior to serving in this leadership role for Evil Corp, Yakubets was also directly associated with Evgeniy Bogachev, a previously designated Russian cybercriminal responsible for the distribution of the Zeus, Jabber Zeus, and GameOver Zeus malware schemes.
Yakubets was responsible for recruiting and managing a network of individuals responsible for facilitating the movement of money illicitly gained through the efforts spearheaded by Evgeniy Bogachev.
Yakubets has also provided direct assistance to the Russian government.
As of 2017, Yakubets was working for the Russian FSB. As of April 2018, Yakubets was in the process of obtaining a license to work with Russian classified information from the FSB.

Another key Evil Corp figure. As of 2015, Turashev served as an administrator for Yakubets and had control over the Dridex malware.
As of 2017, Turashev was involved in helping Evil Corp exploit victims’ networks.

A senior member of Evil Corp.
As of 2017, Gusev was involved in helping Evil Corp move to a new office location and as of 2018, Gusev served as a financial facilitator for Evil Corp and its members.
Gusev also serves as the General Director for six Russia-based businesses. These entities include Biznes-Stolitsa, Optima, Treid-Invest, TSAO, Vertikal, and Yunikom.

Evil Corp relies upon a cadre of core individuals to carry out critical logistical, technical, and financial functions such as managing the Dridex malware, supervising the operators seeking to target new victims, and laundering the proceeds derived from the group’s activities.

Vladimir Strelchenko's son.
He has six pseudonyms, including both Andrey Kovalsky and Andrey Plotnitsky. His Instagram nickname, Strel, is the only public remnant of his father’s surname.

Evil Corp relies upon a network of money mules who are involved in transferring stolen funds obtained from victims’ bank accounts to accounts controlled by members of Evil Corp. Previously, the NCA arrested multiple individuals in the United Kingdom suspected of laundering the criminal profits of cybercrime schemes, including those perpetrated by Evil Corp, through hundreds of accounts at various banks in the United Kingdom.

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