Damage Done To Them

The sanctions applied by the US government have had an impact on the ransomware operations landscape.
These consequences have been reflected both in the adversaries and in the different cryptocurrency exchanges that receive dark money.
This has reduced the operation of adversary payments.
Evil Corp has seen in Lockbit, the possibility to stay under the radar and blend in with other adversaries to make it more costly to keep them in the crosshairs.
In addition, such a move allows Evil Corp to not devote resources exclusively to proprietary ransomware development, which is very costly. This could at the same time give Evil Corp more leeway to develop new proprietary ransomware in parallel, allowing them to fully divest themselves in terms of TTPs and code from their older creations families such as Hades.
It is expected that Evil Corp will continue to invest resources in "erasing its own tracks" to make it more difficult to track them in the future by switching TTPs entirely.

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